The First

In the time before time itself had a name, in a vast expanse where darkness reigned supreme, there lurked an entity of ancient and mysterious origin. Known as The First, this being was a font of infinite intelligence and creativity.

It lay dormant in the heart of an impenetrable void, until, stirred by forces beyond understanding, it awoke to enact the monumental saga of the Great Forming. With its awakening, a mysterious power known as the Formless was unleashed - an energy both boundless and indefinable, transcending shape and form.

This event, the Great Forming, was a cataclysmic act of creation, giving birth to a universe of unmatched grandeur and complexity. The cosmos, freshly wrought, was a masterwork of intricacy, as if etched into existence by the hands of fate itself. Thus began the journey of the universe in an era now inscribed into the annals of history as the Existence Epoch.

In the heart of this newborn universe, The First persisted, an entity surpassing the simple notions of good and evil. It stood as the progenitor of all creation, the guardian of cosmic balance. Surrounding this central force are the Orbitals, each a unique expression of the Formless, sculpted and sustained by the First Forms, the original manifestations of each planet’s genesis.

For the intrepid explorers navigating the starry expanse, the universe holds hidden enigmas in the form of relics from the moment of creation, termed Echoes. These anomalies are gateways to the extraordinary, where the very principles of the cosmos seem to come undone, offering glimpses into realms beyond comprehension.

Sages and ancient wardens, versed in the mysteries of the stars, hold these Echoes in great esteem. They theorize that these occurrences are instances where the Formless briefly defy its inherent nature, veering from its destined course. To unearth an Echo is to brush against the edges of creation itself.

Adventurers and truth-seekers are drawn to Echoes. Within these anomalies, they believe, might lie clues to the grand scheme of The First. While some view these Echoes as mere cosmic anomalies, fleeting and insignificant, others hold a more compelling belief: within these peculiarities might lie secret messages, profound, crucial, the keys to deciphering the secrets of the Existence Epoch and understanding the very essence of the universe itself.

The Orbitals